3 Helpful WD-40 Hacks

RWC Rentals Blog - WD40 Hacks for the home

So, while some of you are still spending more time at home than ever before we thought we would share some maintenance tips. We know it’s not terribly interesting but we really felt it was some great simple information to share.

We have been using these for years and now you can too, here are our WD40 “hacks” to use in your rental to help keep things in good repair:

Tip 1: When was the last time you cleaned the sealing gasket on your fridge?

If you’re like most people, it might be between four years ago and never. 

The moisture in a fridge builds up overtime, and that really causes some grossness.  An easy way to clean it up is to simply spray the gasket with WD-40, wait a few minutes, and wipe it clean. You can also spray the solution directly onto your rag and wipe it down that way. Cotton swabs are great for tight corners.

Bonus: WD-40 should help repel future bacteria, so the gasket won’t be as gross next time you look.

Tip 2: A shower is probably the most enjoyable moment of the day, so you should never settle for a sub-par shower head.

Before you spend lots of money to replace your shower head, however, look at cleaning it, too. 

Spray it down with WD-40 and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it down with a dry, clean cloth. This helps prevent rust from forming, takes off any rust that is already there, and removes all the water stains and grossness that has accumulated. Sounds crazy, but it’s clear: WD-40 is a must-have in the bathroom.

Tip 3: We all clean our bathrooms in a normal way, like everyone else; but some of us have hard water, and it discolors the toilet bowl fast.

The best solution we’ve found? WD-40. 

Spray your bowl with WD-40, and give it a few minutes to sink in. Then, with a normal toilet brush, scrub the stains away – almost no effort involved. We’ve also found it also helps prevent these build-up stains in the future, which is such a big bonus.

ALSO, because it’s been in the 90 daily, we wanted to share some information about the drain lines!

AC Drain lines: This is super important in these really hot months when the AC runs constantly. Make sure you are giving your drain line some TLC and putting some bleach in the line to keep it clear and change your filters religiously each month. If you are unfamiliar with your system components and want help identifying the drain line, just submit a maintenance request and we’ll assist.


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