3 Important Home Preparations for Storm Season

RWC Rentals Blog - Storm Season, are you ready?

Wow-how did we get here? So far 2020 is a bit of a blur!

So, we’re well into the heat and storm season There are three things we want to touch on at this particular time:

AC Drain lines

This is super important in these really hot months when the AC runs constantly. Make sure you are giving your drain line some TLC and putting some bleach in the line to keep it clear and change your filters religiously each month. If you are unfamiliar with your system components and want help identifying the drain line, just emailĀ  marketing and we’ll assist.

Lawn Watering/Maintenance

If you reside in a single-family home with a yard, you need to be familiar with water restrictions and watering schedules for your area and general lawn maintenance. If you need assistance, submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal and we’ll send you the links you need to get info specific to you.

Storm Preparation

We know you don’t want to think or hear about it but we must. The NOAA is predicting a busier storm season so we need to get mentally prepared at the very least.

Things are starting to percolate so be alert and if you haven’t already-get prepared. We often don’t know what direction a storm will turn until later in the game. Better to be prepared now and not invite the stress of unexpected developments.  As with all the Florida storms you may have some impacts so always keep yourself informed.  

As you may recall, when the pandemic panic set in, there was a run on everything and some hoarding of specific items. This tends to happen when a storm gets named nearby. DO NOT put your preparation off if possible.  Start getting stocked up now on things you might need (water, toiletries, etc.).  Be sure to have your emergency kit ready if you have not done so yet. Right now, you have the luxury of getting it together gradually.

Take your inventory of valuables and record it now. If you have renter’s insurance, have your contact info and details someplace handy to you for the next 6 months. If you don’t have renter’s insurance, we strongly urge you to consider researching it now, before a named storm.  The best place to start may be with whoever carries your car insurance-they might provide rental coverage as well. If you need a contact to explore coverage, submit an email through your tenant portal and we will send you some information.

Rest assured if a storm does threaten our area we will be sharing information with you. It is critical we have accurate and current email addresses on file so please contact our office if you email or phone number changes at any time during your tenancy.


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