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RWC Rentals Blog - Covid 19 Update

We wanted to update you on what is happening at our offices and to check on each of you. As we are all aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting some of our tenants’ ability to pay their rent on time this month or to pay at all.

Fortunately, we have received rents on time from many tenants and others have followed up on our communication by calling the office to discuss any delays they will have in regard to their monthly payment. We want to assure you that we are working with each tenant’s situation and are being understanding of their current circumstances, whether it be they have been furloughed, laid off, hours have been cut drastically or if they become ill.  Each situation is different and our plan is to waive late fees so we can get in as much rent as possible before our next Owner Distribution. if a tenant is having trouble paying some or all of the rent, we are forwarding links to sites such as 2-1-1, Disaster Unemployment Assistance and the Pinellas Country Government site which has information for residents in need during this pandemic. If a tenant cannot pay rent at all, we will be reaching out to our owners on a  case by case basis to discuss various options moving forward. 

Middle of the month Owner Disbursements will be pushed back this month to April 15th. This gives our office more time to collect rents. If your tenant has not paid by the 14th, we will move your disbursement to April 30th when we do our end of month payments. We understand that this is a very stressful time for all involved and want you to know we are here to help in any way. If you have questions about your monthly disbursement, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rose Harnen ( She can update you on payments that have been received and when your Apri9l Owner Disbursement will be completed.

In regard to Maintenance and Repairs, we are continuing to take in requests and sending out our vendors for Emergency only repairs. All other requests are being logged and will be completed when this pandemic has subsided. Lori is speaking to each tenant and working with all our vendors to assure your investment properties are continuing to be well maintained. Outside services are continuing for properties and if that changes you will be contacted. 

As per Florida Statues, Landlord and Tenant Act, we are continuing to process security deposits as usual for any move outs although property inspections are being delayed. We are waiting 5 days before we enter any vacant properties for the safety of our employees. Additionally, all properties will be professionally cleaned before and after any prep work is completed. 

Vacant properties that are on our rental list are still being advertised although we are currently not doing showings in person. By next week we will be uploading Virtual Tours. This will give potential tenants the ability to view the available properties online. If they are interested in applying for the properties, we are asking the to call our office so we can proceed. This is a new process we have put into place due to the Social Distancing requirements that are currently in place and for the safety of all parties involved in the showing and application process. 

Please know that our first priority is still to oversee your properties and we are continuing to work hard through this unprecedented time. We may reach out to you to address issues as they come up. Please feel free to reach out to u s, as well.

Day by day, things are changing so please be patient and we will keep you as updated with regards to your investment property and how it is affected by this pandemic. 

Kind regards, stay safe and healthy,

Jody Caldwell Sepúlveda
Property Manager
R.W. Caldwell, Inc.

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